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  • Marble Entrances 
  • 400+ Class Rooms
  • Two swimming pools girls/boys
  • Two gymnasiums/ Indoor track
  • Cafeteria Forth Floor
  • Greenhouse Basement
  • 5,000 book Library Printing Dept.
  • Woodworking Rooms
  • Foundry and Forge Rooms
  • Auto  Mechanics Machine Shops Offices
  • Lecture Rooms/ Music Room
  • Telephone  Switchboard
  • Clinic & Pharmacy Dental
  • Optical Rm / Clinic Examination Room Nurses’
  • Doctor’s Office/
  • 1500 Seat Auditorium
  • Heat  for rooms came from tunnels in basement and ducts that carried forced air steam heat up to the rooms. 

Plans & Construction Photos

Construction & Design Plans Construction of Roosevelt High School located in Dayton , Ohio on West Third and Mathison Streets took a little over 29 months to complete, 1921 to September of 1923. Below are a few of the most outstanding construction features of the school along with floor plans.

The Roosevelt Construction & Plans

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