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Digital Online Magazines are published locally by Vtechgraphics LLC. Magazines published are “The Roosevelt Times” in memory of Roosevelt High school, to share historical information and to keep all alumni aware of upcoming events. The “Dayton Times” is a way to showcase and promote events and venues that occur in and around the city of Dayton, Oh. The “Dayton Times” will also encompass and feature local artist and talent staged behind the backdrop of the city. For story and photo submissions, send your request to: Issues for both magazines are available on quarterly basics and are now being offered as a free online only magazine. Full color printed copies can be ordered upon request.

The Roosevelt Times
Historical Staff

Editor & Photographer: Horace Dozier Sr.
Copy Editor: Juanita White Dozier
Contributing Photographer: Sam Freeman
Advertising Media: Paula Scott
Digital Media Effects: Vtechgraphics LLC.
Sports: Sam Freeman
Alumni News: Sarah Hayes
Articles & Submissions: Daria Dillard Stone
Office Phone: 937-2919620
Mail: PO Box 49188
West Carrollton Oh 45449-0188

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