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Roosevelt High School (1923 -1975)--Dayton, Ohio

Dayton, OH 45449, USA



Save Our Seal Committee
Philip Bass     (1968) Chairman
Donna Wright (1958) Treasurer
Frank Watkins(1968) City of Dayton
Dale Pearson (1968) Secretary
Horace Dozier(1968) Artifacts

About Us
The purpose of historic preservation is to encourage the general public to integrate the past with the present and the future. Philip Bass , formed this committee to serve as an advocate for” Roosevelt High School” and the saving of historical artifacts that would otherwise be lost forever after the demolition of the school.

SOS Meeting Archives



July 1, 2014
Dear Friend
of Roosevelt High School,

The Roosevelt Save Our Seal Committee is documenting the efforts of the committee’s to save the great Roosevelt High School seal as well as the “ Roosevelt” name. If interested, you will be given a schedule for your on camera interview. If there is a conflict with your scheduled interview we will make ever attempt to reschedule you. Because these are volunteer efforts we will be working with the schedule provided us by the audio visual studio that we are contracting with. 
You can download the request form at the left menu.
 Thank you 

Save Our Seal Committee

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