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Adams_Elementary School_Time Capsule_June 30_1936
Allen_Elementary School Time Capsule_1961
Belmont High School Time Capsule_1951
Charles L. Loe;_ Elementary Time Capsule_ 1936
Colonel W.J. White High School _ 1927 Time Capsule
Cornell Heights Elementary School_ Time Capsule_ 1951
Eastmont Elementary School_ Time Capsule_July 26_1955
Fairport Elementary School_Time Capsule_1953
Fairview High School_ Time Capsule_November 1st _ 1928
Gettysburg Elementary School Time Capsule_Nov_27th_1948
Grace A. Green Elementary School_ Time Capsule_June 9th_ 1929
Hickorydale Elementary School_Time Capsule_May 19th, 1959
Highview Elementary School_Time Capsule_May 25th_1951
Jefferson Elementary School_ Time Capsule_1966
Kiser High School_Time Capsule_1926
Lincoln Junior High School Time Capsule _ 1928
Louise Troy Elementary School Time Capsule_Nov_27th_1956

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Roosevelt High School Building 1922 Date Stone

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Meadowdale Elementary School_ Time Capsule_ 1956
Meadowdale High School Time Capsule 1959
Orville Wright Elementary School_ Time Capsule Jan_7th_ 1953
Patterson Coperative High School_ Time Capsule_1966
Paul Larence Dunbar School Time Capsule_1961
Paul Larence Dunbar_Macfarlane School Time Capsule_1932
Residence Park Elementary School_Time Capsule_June 11th_1948
Roosevelt High School 1923 Time Capsule
Ruskin Elementary School_ Time Capsule_November 17th_ 1964
Weaver Elementary Time Capsule_ 1951
Westwood _Elementary School_ Time Capsule_May 22_ 1959
Westwood Recreation Center_Time Capsule_July 31st 1963
Wibur Wright 1926 Time Capsule 

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Project: Dayton Public Schools Time Capsules
The Time Capsule Project arose out of the ashes of the demolition program of Dayton Public Schools to make way for the new schools construction project. Time Capsules were usually found behind or within a hollowed out building date stones and where placed inside. The container was made from copper and welded at the corners to seal it, making it air tight. Vtechgraphics was to save all contents and digitally archive the contents to disk and storage in acid free archival sleeves and boxes. The contents consisted of: books, journals, maps, newspaper’s, photographs and objects dating from the late 1800-1975  To preserve and help save this history was a daunting task and continues today with the additional history databases created to make this information available for researchers and the public. Great credit must go to Dayton Public Schools for wisdom in realizing the need to save our local school history. 

Special Thanks To:
Dayton Public Schools Board
John Carr, Chief Construction Officer
Tiffany Powell, Project Coordinator

Horace Dozier Sr. Archivist
Shook/Touchstone, Construction Management Team

Digitized DPS School Time Capsules
by Horace Dozier Sr.
Vtechgraphics LLC


Roosevelt High School 1923 Time Capsule

Time Capsule Contents

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